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The moment you step into Clubfit, you will feel different for one simple reason:  It is different.  Here, you will experience the upper echelon of training.  Everything is result driven.  The training is one-on-one and highly personalized.  The staff is fully equipped with the expertise to track your results for optimum accuracy and achievement.

Ryan Meyer has been involved with sports and conditioning throughout most of his life.  Ryan grew up in Gainesville, FL., and later studied Exercise Science at the University of Florida.  Where he also played baseball for the Florida Gators as a walk on. After not being drafted to the pros, he then decided that he wanted to be a personal trainer. Ryan then attended the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando, FL. From this point he obtained his degree as a Master Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist. And also received his certification of Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Ryan specializes in many different areas of training.  Sports performance training is something that he loves to teach, and has been associated with most of his life. He has worked with many athletes both amateur and professional mostly in baseball and football. He also has worked with a number of top professional golfers on the PGA tour. Taking a fitness approach to golf in understanding the importance of strength training, flexibility and stretching. Something that was overlooked in the past by many. Functional training is where most of his personal training clients constantly see improvements, in order to function in everyday life at an optimal level. Whether you are trying to lose weight, look better, gain muscle, feel better about yourself or all of the above Ryan strives for greatness in all of his clients. Mostly he considers his niche to be in Nutrition. RAW foods is something he tries to educate most of his clients about, and the importance of nutrition at the cellular level. 


"I believe that my goals are for everyone to understand what overall health is, and how it is not just about the way you look, but the way you should feel. To be able to view yourself internally, and see the perfection of the human anatomy, and the mind.  I also believe that it is how we treat the body, and what we put in it, that defines you as a person. And to ultimately feel and be your best that you can possibly be. With proper fitness and nutrition anything is possible."

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