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The moment you step into Clubfit, you will feel different for one simple reason:  It is different.  Here, you will experience the upper echelon of training.  Everything is result driven.  The training is one-on-one and highly personalized.  The staff is fully equipped with the expertise to track your results for optimum accuracy and achievement.

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"Clubfit exceeds the expectations of other gyms you may have experienced.  For starters, We don't sell memberships.  You pay as you go with the opportunity to purchase session packages.  Here, you always get the personal attention and expert knowledge of our trainers and staff.  It's all about self improvement, achieving results, and learning the proper tools that extends beyond the gym."

- Waldemar Krol , club owner since 1992

Clubfit is a boutique gym.  Sure, we have weights and cardio machines, but there's much more to training than that.  We have two indoor rock climbing walls, space for plyometric training and outdoor training activities.  We believe cross-training and having fun, is the key to long term success.  To get you excited about the improvement process, we feature testing and evaluations, as well as monitor your progress over the course of your program.

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Fully equipped facility with TWO climbing walls!

Facebook:  Clubfit Palm Harbor     Twitter:  @clubfit_pt

Facebook:  Clubfit Palm Harbor     Twitter:  @clubfit_pt