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The moment you step into Clubfit, you will feel different for one simple reason:  It is different.  Here, you will experience the upper echelon of training.  Everything is result driven.  The training is one-on-one and highly personalized.  The staff is fully equipped with the expertise to track your results for optimum accuracy and achievement.

Gina Florido

Gina Florido

Gina Florido

Gina is a natural athlete.  Growing up overseas, in Switzerland and Germany, she played soccer as an intro to team sports, hiked on some of the best trails in the world, near the Alps, and enjoyed snow sports.  Moving back to the states and adjusting to American sports, she found volleyball and basketball.  Gina competed with nationally ranked teams, earning scholarships in both sports. Now, she enjoys running, playing golf, cyclocross, and working out regularly. After college, she moved to this area and began her personal training business.  She has been in the fitness industry in pinellas county since 1995, working as a trainer, sports and conditioning coach for high school athletes, bootcamps and health and fitness lectures, and run coaching.  Gina is currently training at Clubfit personal training, in Palm Harbor. 

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Education and Background:

  • B.S. Exercise Science, Armstrong State University
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
  • YMCA Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Strength Training Consultant
  • CEC in Post Rehab, Functional Fitness, Core Strength, Weight Loss/Management, Post Pregnancy, Youth Fitness, Athletic Training, Running for Beginners, Bootcamp, Golf Fitness, and continuing..

My Training Philosophy

Quality of life is of first and foremost of importance to me when I train my clients. I work with my clients to be able to function, to work their bodies in a full range of motion, pain free, working the entire body to create a strong platform for strength. With that, my clients feel confident that with strength, flexibility and balance they can continue on a path to a healthy lifestyle and better themselves in everyday endeavors. This is important for anyone wanting to gain strength, speed, power, flexibility, or just wanting to get through the day pain free.
— Gina
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